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Summary - Assessor's Office      
Parcel ID 84-06-14-359-008.000-002
Tax ID 118-06-14-359-008
Section Plat 14
Routing Number
Neighborhood 118517 - HARRISON
Property Address 2125 1st Ave
Terre Haute, IN 47807
Legal Description LONGVIEW SUB (2125 1ST AVE) DC#88 D-441/2809 14-12-9 LOT 20
(Note: Not to be used on legal documents)
Acreage N/A
Class 510 - Res 1 fam dwelling platted lot
Tax District/Area 002 - HARRISON

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Owner - Auditor's Office      
Deeded Owner
Garcia Abraham
2125 1ST AVE

Site Description - Assessor's Office      
Topography Level
Public Utilities All
Street or Road Alley, Paved
Neigh. Life Cycle Static
Legal Acres 0
Legal Sq Ft 0

Land - Assessor's Office      
Land TypeSoil IDActual FrontAcreageEffect. FrontEffect. DepthProduct-
ivity Factor
Depth FactorMeas
Sq Ft
Base RateAdj RateExtended ValueInflu. Factor
FRONT LOT 80.0000.00080.000135.0000.001.01 150.00152.0012,160.00 3   -25%    L   -1%   

Farm Land Computations - Assessor's Office      
Parcel Acreage 0
81 Legal Drain NV [-]
82 Public Roads NV [-]
83 UT Towers NV [-]
9 Homesite(s) [-]
Total Acres Farmland
True Tax Value 0.00
Measured Acres
Average True Tax Value/Acre 0.00
True Tax Value Farmland 0.00
Classified Land Total 0
Homesite(s) Value (+) 0.00
Total Land Value 9,000.00

Residential Dwellings - Assessor's Office      
Purpose of visit
Inspection Status
Tag Left

Card  01
Residential Dwelling 1
Story Height 1.0
Roofing Material: Asphalt shingles
Attic None
Basement Type 1/4
Basement Rec Room None
Finished Rooms 7
Bedrooms 3
Family Rooms 0
Dining Rooms 0
Full Baths 1; 3-Fixt.
Half Baths 0; 0-Fixt.
Kitchen Sinks 1; 1-Fixt.
Water Heaters 1; 1-Fixt.
Central Air No
Primary Heat Central Warm Air
Extra Fixtures 0
Total Fixtures 5
Fireplace No
Features None
Porches and Decks Open Masonry Porch 150
Enclosed Frame Porch 98
Yd Item/Spc Fture/Outbldg WOOD FRAME UTILITY SHED 192 SF
Last Updated 6/18/2002
ConstructionFloorBase Area (sf)Fin. Area (sf)
Wood frame1.011361136
Wood frame1.511361136
Concrete blockB2240
Improvements - Assessor's Office      
Card  01

DDWELL1.5 D+119181918AV0.00 022721085605009910053700
01UTLSHED WOOD FRAMED19501950AV16.18 11.9112 x 16229065099100800

Transfer History - Assessor's Office      
DateOwner 1Owner 2Book & PageAmount
8/5/2004GARCIA ABRAHAM & LUCIA  $0.00
7/24/1996BARBER EDWARD W & DIANE K 441/2809$0.00
3/14/1994ST PETER LOUIS J JR & LEE ANNE 439/840$0.00
7/12/1993ORMSBY DAVID M & LORETTA J 438/44$0.00

Valuation - Assessor's Office      
Assessment Year 03/01/201303/01/201203/01/201103/01/201003/01/2009
(Assessed Value)Improvements$54,500$53,200$53,000$33,800$34,700
(True Tax Value)Improvements$54,500$53,200$53,000$33,800$34,700

Deductions - Auditor's Office      
Tax YearDeduction TypeAmount
2013 Pay 2014Homestead - Supplemental$8,778.00
2013 Pay 2014Homestead Credit/ Standard$37,620.00
2012 Pay 2013Homestead - Supplemental$8,596.00
2012 Pay 2013Homestead Credit/ Standard$36,840.00
2011 Pay 2012Homestead - Supplemental$8,652.00
2011 Pay 2012Homestead Credit/ Standard$37,080.00
2010 Pay 2011Homestead - Supplemental$6,468.00
2010 Pay 2011Homestead Credit/ Standard$27,720.00
2009 Pay 2010Homestead - Supplemental$6,650.00
2009 Pay 2010Homestead Credit/ Standard$28,500.00
2008 Pay 2009Homestead - Supplemental$6,720.00
2008 Pay 2009Homestead Credit/ Standard$28,800.00
2007 Pay 2008Homestead Credit/ Standard$22,450.00
2006 Pay 2007Homestead Credit/ Standard$22,700.00

Charges (2008-2014) - Auditor's Office      

Delinquent payments made after the fall due date will still show due in the year they were originally assessed. If paid, payment will show in the next tax year.


Tax YearTypeCategoryDescriptionAmountBal Due
2013 Pay 2014Property Tax DetailTax1st Installment Tax$325.50 $325.50
2013 Pay 2014Property Tax DetailTax2nd Installment Tax$325.50 $325.50
2012 Pay 2013Property Tax DetailTax1st Installment Tax$319.00
2012 Pay 2013Property Tax DetailTax2nd Installment Tax$319.00
2011 Pay 2012Property Tax DetailTax1st Installment Tax$309.92
2011 Pay 2012Property Tax DetailTax2nd Installment Tax$309.92
2010 Pay 2011Property Tax DetailTax1st Installment Tax$210.97
2010 Pay 2011Property Tax DetailTax2nd Installment Tax$210.97
2009 Pay 2010Property Tax DetailTax1st Installment Tax$213.93
2009 Pay 2010Property Tax DetailTax2nd Installment Tax$213.93
2008 Pay 2009Property Tax DetailTax1st Installment Tax$209.76
2008 Pay 2009Property Tax DetailTax2nd Installment Tax$209.76
2008 Pay 2009Property Tax DetailTaxLast Year 2nd Installment Tax$28.52
2008 Pay 2009Property Tax DetailPenaltyLY 2nd Installment Penalty$1.43
2007 Pay 2008Property Tax DetailTax1st Installment Tax$153.52
2007 Pay 2008Property Tax DetailPenalty2nd Installment Penalty$1.43
2007 Pay 2008Property Tax DetailTax2nd Installment Tax$153.52
2007 Pay 2008Property Tax DetailTaxLast Year 2nd Installment Tax$138.60
2007 Pay 2008Property Tax DetailPenaltyLY 2nd Installment Penalty$6.93


Tax YearAmountBal Due
2013 Pay 2014$651.00 $651.00
2012 Pay 2013$638.00
2011 Pay 2012$619.84
2010 Pay 2011$421.94
2009 Pay 2010$427.86
2008 Pay 2009$449.47
2007 Pay 2008$454.00

Payments (2008-2014) - Treasurer's Office      
Tax YearPayment DatePaid ByAmount
2012 Pay 201311/5/2013Garcia Abraham$319.00
2012 Pay 20134/23/2013Garcia Abraham$319.00
2011 Pay 201210/9/2012Garcia Abraham$309.92
2011 Pay 20124/30/2012Garcia Abraham$309.92
2010 Pay 201110/24/2011Garcia Abraham$210.97
2010 Pay 20115/5/2011Garcia Abraham$210.97
2009 Pay 201011/4/2010Garcia Abraham$213.93
2009 Pay 20105/7/2010Garcia Abraham$213.93


Tax YearAmount
2012 Pay 2013$638.00
2011 Pay 2012$619.84
2010 Pay 2011$421.94
2009 Pay 2010$427.86

Photos - Assessor's Office      

Sketches - Assessor's Office      


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