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Welcome to the Steuben County, IN GIS

GIS History:

The Steuben County GIS was started in 2001 by undergoing a needs assessment study completed by The Schneider Corporation. In the fall and winter of 2001, an implementation plan was developed. This plan called for the conversion of all of the paper based maps for the Auditor, Assessor, Plan Commission, and Surveyor. This included the tax parcel maps, zoning maps, drainage maps, soils maps, and the associated information. In the spring of 2003 the county obtained black and white photography and began the conversion of the parcel maps to digital maps. Then the drainage layers including the legal ditches, legal tile and watersheds followed, along with the soils data, zoning maps, and Assessor’s land use maps.

Many changes have take place since the first website in 2005.  We continue to change and adapt to the needs of those using our site.  Layers have been grouped, the ability to search on individual layers has been created as well as map tips, when checked in the upper right corner, for the parcel layer.  The ability to pay your real estate taxes was established in 2009 through the parcel report and the search page.  Help videos were created and can be found in the information tab in the lower right corner.

In 2012 we are partnering with the State Geographic Informaiton Officer to obtain new 6" aerial photography.  New data will be made available from various offices as we coordinate that informaiton to the site.  These may include reports and files attached to the reports similar to the section corner reports and the zoning ordinance pages.  There will aslo be new data layers. 

Feedback from the site is always welcome through the i bubble in the top right corner. 

Information available:


There are numerous data layers available and expandable within the legend on the left of the map. Since the initial 7 data layers were developed, many new layers have been added and new data layers and sources are created each day. As requests for data come to the GIS Office, many of those layers generally end up on the website. 


Available Maps:                                                                 GIS Links                                                                       

Steuben County Map                                                      Allen County

Steuben County Zip Codes                                            Dekalb County

Steuben County Commissioner Districts                     Huntington County 

Steuben County Council Districts                                Kosciusko County

Steuben County School Distrticts                                Lagrange County

City of Angola                                                                 Noble County

Town of Hamilton                                                          Whitley County

Town of Fremont                                           Indiana Geographic Information Council

Town of Orland                                                          DNR Benchmark Data

Towns of Ashley & Hudson                                       Acres Landtrust Maps  

Town of Clear Lake                                                   Indiana Historical Aerial Photography

Steuben County Park Plan West Addition                       

Steuben County Park Plan Fun Spot Addition                  

Steuben County Park Plan No Addition                            


Upcoming Events      

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4/28/2014 GIS Technician
The GIS Office is currently looking for a summer intern to fill the GIS Technician role. This is a part-time summer position. Please review the attached description and provide your resume to the GIS Coordinator.   [More]



Steuben County, IN
317 S. Wayne St
Angola, IN  46703
(260) 668-1000 x 1200


Assessor: Ste 2-G
Marcia Seevers
(260) 668-1000 x 1000 
Assessor's Dept. Page

Auditor: Ste 2-J
Kim Koomler
(260) 668-1000 x 1200 
Auditor's Dept. Page 

Building Commissioner: Ste 3-H
Frank Charlton
(260) 668-1000 x 1250
Building Dept. Page

GIS Coordinator: Ste 3-E

(260) 668-1000 x 1228
GIS Dept. Page

Plan Commissioner:    Ste 3-H
Plan Director
(260) 668-1000 x 1600
Plan Commission Dept. Page
Plan Commission Blog Site

Recorder: Ste 2-F
Dani Parrish
(260) 668-1000 x 1700
Recorder's Dept. Page

Surveyor: Ste 3-K
Larry Gilbert
(260) 668-1000 x 1800
Surveyor's Dept. Page

Treasurer: Ste 2-K
Laurie Stoy
(260) 668-1000 x 1900
Treasurer's Dept. Page

Highway Engineer:
1900 N 200 W
Angola, IN 46703
(260) 668-1000 x 3600
Highway Dept. Page

Tim Troyer
206 E Gale St
Angola, IN  46073
(260) 668-1000 x 5000
Sheriff's Dept. Page

Soil & Water
1220 N 200 W
Angola, IN 46703
(260) 665-3211 x 3
SWCD Dept. Page


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