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Dearborn County, Indiana      

North Dearborn Road Closure



Dearborn County Board of Commissioners

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GIS Accomplishments Since 2009



All property lines have been digitized in the County GIS from the original source documents.  Assessors and Auditor’s databases have been linked to GIS data. Data workflow established to support continuous updates of parcel data.  Parcel data is now up to date.


Beacon website deployed in June 2011.  This provides services to the public even when the offices are closed.The public can retrieve their property information online anytime.  As of December 31, 2013- 205,556 visitors have made 1,618,493 requests to the web server. 


Updated aerial imagery was received in 2012.   

GIS Perpetuation

A GIS perpetuation fund has been created to help offset the costs of the GIS system.  A fee schedule for maps, GIS data, and GIS subscriptions has been set and fees are being collected for the fund. 

Data Sharing

Data sharing agreements have been made so that we are able to use a regional map with data across our County boundary lines. 

Other Project Involvement


     911 Dispatch map integration 

     Providing mapping support to the Fire Study

     Provided mapping support to AHEC and the Dental Initiative Study

     Provided data support to the OKI’s Water Quality Plan

    Updated sex offenders in GIS, working with Sheriff’s office to assist in determining addressing  requirements

   Provided GPS support to Aurora Utilities and Greendale Fire to obtain GPS coordinates for  hydrants.

     Assisted Destination Imagination kids in GPS project-they won at the State level!

     Use of maps for the Emergency Management LEPC Mapping

Projects for 2012

Orthophotography and LiDAR flown

Public Safety AVL integration with dispatch 

Mobile applications so that data can be accessed and edited in the field by staff.  



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