Winnebago County, IA                     
Welcome to Winnebago County, IA      

Welcome to Winnebago County, Iowa


Terry Durby, 2014 Chairman

Mike Stensrud

Bill Jensvold


Winnebago County GIS Information

Winnebago County Webpage


Assessor:  Suzanne McColloch

Introduction to Iowa Property Tax

   Iowa Assessors Webpage     Property Tax Forms and Information

Family Farm Credit Application  (See Who is Eligible)

Auditor: Karla Niederkofler

 County Auditor Duties & Responsibilities      Election Information  

Conservation Director:  Robert Schwartz 

   Conservation Website

Clerk of Court:  Lori Hasfjord

Access public court records, forms, make on-line payments for traffic and criminal cases


Clerk of Court Directory for Iowa

Department of Human Services

Driver License: Julie Swenson

Property Tax, Motor Vehicle, and Driver License Forms

Engineer Scott Meinders

Engineer's Office Information, Forms, Applications

Engineers listed by County     Engineers Association    Iowa DOT


IT Department:  Eric Guth


Recorder:   Kris Colby

Deeds/Contracts, Mortgages

Easements, Plats, Surveys

Hunting & Fishing License

Snowmobile, ATV, Boat Titles

Marriage License

Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates

Vital Records

Return Application to:
Winnebago County Recorder
126 S. Clark Street
Forest City, IA  50436

  • Sheriff:  David Peterson

    Winnebago County Sheriff Information

    Social Service Administrator: Sandy Mireles

    Worth - Hancock - Winnebago

    Treasurer:  Julie Swenson 

           Iowa Treasurers Webpage      Property Tax, Motor Vehicle, and Driver License Forms

    Veteran AffairsJack Caputo

    Iowa Department of Veteran Affairs

    Zoning Administrator:  Jim Rice

        Zoning Ordinance    Comprehensive Land Use Plan    Subdivision Ordinance     Permit Application

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    Winnebago County, IA
    126 S Clark St
    Forest City, IA 50436

    Terry Durby
    (641) 567-3090

    Mike Stensrud
    (641) 585-3412

    Bill Jensvold
    (641) 562-2925

    Suzanne McColloch
    (641) 585-2163

    Karla Weiss
    (641) 585-3412

    Clerk of Court:
    Lori Hasfjord
    (641) 585-4520

    Conservation Board, Director:
    Robert Schwartz
    (641) 565-3390

    County Attorney:
    Adam D. Sauer
    (641) 585-0020

    County Environmental Health Director:
    Andy Buffington
    (515) 295-3813

    Driver's License:
    Julie Swenson
    (641) 585-5387

    Motor Vehicle:
    Julie Swenson
    (641) 585-4430

    Scott Meinders
    (641) 585-2905

    Human Services:
    (641) 585-3271

    IT Department:
    Eric Guth
    (641) 585-0099

    Public Health Nurse:
    Jayne Shaffer
    (641) 585-4763

    Kris Colby
    (641) 585-2094

    Ron Kvale
    (641) 903-9214

    David Peterson
    (641) 585-2828

    Julie Swenson
    (641) 585-2322

    Veterans Affairs:
    Thomas Coffman
    (641) 585-5736

    WHW Social Services:
    Sandy Miereles
    (641) 585-2340

    Win-Worth Betco:
    Teresa Nicholson
    (641) 592-0800

    Zoning Administrator:
    Jim Rice
    (641) 430-2415



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